AT(SA) qualifications are recognised by employers and the profession for their quality, rigor and practical approach. Accredited by SAQA on the NQF, the qualifications take you on a progression pathway, from foundational to advanced levels of accounting knowledge, skills and competencies.

Students choose AT(SA) because we provide a solid base for building a career in accounting, finance and business. Our AT(SA) qualifications equips you with the latest, industry related knowledge and skills.


Practical based qualification
Provides valuable practical experience directly related to the qualification
Work integrated learning
Connects theory and the practice of work
Computer based assessments
Online assessments with guaranteed integrity and immediate results
Customised delivery model
Tailor-made delivery based on student needs, the industry and where you are in your career
Flexible learning approach
Takes learners from foundational level, through to advanced level of accounting knowledge, skills and competencies with different modes of learning and examination
Improves employability of graduates
Bridging gap between tertiary education and work readiness
Qualification and membership
Various qualifications and professional memberships to suit where you are in your career
Recognition of prior learning
Gain credits for previously completed qualifications and relevant work experience


Accountants today, at all levels, are expected to create new ways of enhancing organisational value. Our AT(SA) qualification provides a solid foundation from which to build a highly sought after career in accounting, finance and business. That’s why local and international organisations trust and recognise the designation. Through the qualification, students are equipped with the latest, industry related knowledge and skills, making the qualification highly relevant in today’s economy.

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  1. It offers a solid foundation in accounting, finance and business skills
  2. It assists with improving career progression and employability
  3. It promotes high standards of professionalism and integrity
  4. You emerge a competent work-ready graduate
  5. Your confidence and technical ability is boosted
  6. It provides a portal to recognition and belonging through AT(SA) membership eligibility

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The AT(SA) qualifications are also customised to meet the demands of the national priorities and to suit the changing skill sets required to grow the economy.